Personal finance blogs that I enjoy and recommend

17.08.2018 2 By Alisa Kot

I’ve decided to start with some gratitude to the guys that inspired me to start this blog. And write a short recommendations list about them.

First, I’d like to recommend Rockstar Finance Directory — a great place, where 1800+ personal finance blogs and resources are listed (just submitted my blog there as well, hope they accept haha). I’ve basically started from there, browsing the dir and finding interesting blogs (50+ of them now on my RSS).


I love traveling! I would do that fulltime (and hopefully will after I reach my retirement number and will be able to leave the office!). But now I’m just reading blogs and dreaming a lot about my time.

And my favourite traveler blogs are:

  • GoCurryCracker — weird name, isn’t it? This name was created during a travel too. These guys love seeing new places and their reports are always very interesting, fruity and colorful.

Art of frugality

Yes, it’s basically an art — and science, and it’s an incredibly valuable skill, because it can help you become wealthy and reach your financial goals inmeasurably quicker than without it. For inspiration and lessons on optimizations I look into:

  • Mr Money Mustache — I’ve started my frugality experiments after reading a lot of his posts. For instance, I’ve started using bike for commuting a lot more after I’ve read Get rich with… Bikes! (can’t believe it was written as far as in 2011!)

Hivemind (community opinion)

  • GetRichSlowly — this guy has developed an awesome ability to work with his audience and get a lot of useful opinions, ideas and tricks on virtually every area involved, from personal finance to childcare. (I’ve decided on my blog name after reading his one — kind of affirmative, to remind everytime that I just have to get rich!)

Mission complete: living success stories

  • 1500 days to Freedom — makes me smile almost every time I check it, because I love, that he basically defined a clear goal and reached it 🙂
  • Digital Nomad Quest — Sharon’s blog is about building passive income stream, which she did first and now is teaching others. Not exactly personal finance blog, but still very helpful. I’ve got a lot of motivation there, because Sharon’s monthly progress reports exactly outline, where I am now and what (could) happen next 🙂

List is yet incomplete!

Hoping to reach such lists of other bloggers someday, I leave some free places in this list, because almost every minute a new blog from a new interesting  person is born. So let’s exchange links and have fun 🙂