So this is how they get started…

16.08.2018 0 By Alisa Kot

I was thinking if it’s reasonable to start a blog about personal finance.

Lot of them already, but they don’t bring happiness to anybody except their authors. Wait, or?

And then I checked, what I did during my commute to work everyday. I was reading personal finance blogs! And they helped me to figure out a lot of things! Namely:

  • how to start a blog (and why I should)
  • how to save money and start investing (and what companies would be good targets for the investments)
  • how to practice frugal living
  • personal finance community is actually very friendly and nice people!

For these reasons I decided to share my journey:

  • for the sake of it
  • for whoever will read, have fun and something useful out of it

With deep gratitude I dedicate this diary to such people as Mr Money Mustache, GoCurryCracker and MrTakoEscapes and many, many others (maybe I will mention them here later).

What’s special about my journey

I live in Russia now. But as you probably know, Russia does a lot of things, that I personally don’t approve. So I have a big goal to move elsewhere.

Another big goal is to do that frugally 🙂

I’ve heard about the D7 visa in Portugal. I’ve never been there, but my spouse was and says it’s a great place. So I’m putting it as a goal: to live some time in Portugal and spend there some of my passive income.

Let’s see, how it works out!