October and November 2018: cut charity, get 30% saved; no extra earnings though

October and November 2018: cut charity, get 30% saved; no extra earnings though

21.11.2018 0 By Alisa

I think, it’s time to start bringing here my progress reports for the month. πŸ™‚

I’ve described my challenges in a separate post (NOTE: ADD LINK HERE).

In short they are:

  • spend less
  • earn more πŸ˜€
  • and grow net worth

Spend less – yay, spending down around 30%!

And I’ve reached some success. Namely, I cut my monthly expenses by 1/3. How? Well, I’m just now spending less on charity. Unfortunately that required some unpleasant talks, but now I’m done with these and have some spare cash. πŸ™‚ The simple trick about how to start saving also helped: my account for own flat now has as much as $600 — that’s a lot comparing with previous month (I had a bad habit of putting some money on the “my flat” account and then spending the rest and taking the money back from saving to cover current expenses.

But seems like YNAB pretty much ended this struggle for me. πŸ™‚

Top picture is my spending for October and November 2018 and you can see, that it’s really changed.

Earn more – yet no luck

I also have a goal to get some extra money with side hustles, but in October I didn’t have time and energy to look for these side hustles and actually do them, so I’m left with regular salary.

Really sorry about that, because I’m subscribed to some indie makers and freelancers and it’s really painful to see, how they work and do real projects, while I keep working for a “flat rate”… It’s boring, when you did this for 5 years already. I’m looking towards entrepreneurship, but I need to learn saving more and spending less first, so that I don’t spend all my money and look for a new job urgently. First this skill, then “my own business”.

Net Worth: down 20%

Not sure, how come, but it’s really down.

(I’m sorry I don’t post numbers, but… maybe some day I will, but someday isn’t today.) It shows as debt the money I gave to my friend for some time. But I’m really sad to see, that NW isn’t growing much.

I’m afraid, that in December I won’t be able to grow it a lot as well, because, you know, New Year, gifts and so on. πŸ™‚ But hopefully I can focus my efforts on getting some side hustle finally, ideally remote job, and earning some real dollars instead of rubles. I’m looking towards that very much.