One simple trick to start saving and be consistent (and happy!)

09.11.2018 0 By Alisa

Here it is. You’ll need: one bank account, one Trello card (or some other kind of bulleted list displaying progress as you cross out the items), some money.

This system is simple, yet powerful, because every time you cross the item off the list, you get that instant gratification you seek when you buy another small thing for yourself. With a big difference: this system with items will most likely bring you not only that instant gratification, but also something bigger you’ve wanted for ages. 🙂

This works for me for already a few months and I see a big difference in “before” and “after”: before I’ve been saving way less money, than now. Now it has become a challenge: how fast I can be at achieving my final goal? (I’ve even began looking for ways to promote at my current job, i.e. became interested in the “money” side of things, which never happened before[1].)

[1] You may be thinking “she’s lying here, everybody wants more money”, but that’s not my case. Before I started thinking big, I was earning way more money than I actually needed, it was “enough and more”. Now it’s “enough and I want to go faster towards my dream!”